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Coffee Break: Mendell Grinter on Advocating for Kids Like Him to Beat the Odds

By Vesia Wilson-Hawkins Few 20-somethings have a LinkedIn profile that reads like a professional whose experiences expand over a couple of decades. Perhaps that’s why Mendell Grinter, was recently named to Forbes’ 30 under 30. Since graduating from college, Mendell has...
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Coffee Break: Angelica Infante-Green on inclusion, language power, and getting all kids ‘up the hill’

As a Deputy Commissioner for the New York State Education Department,  Angelica Infante-Green is making a difference in the critical areas of special education and bilingual education for students all across the state. And as a parent, she helped create...
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On the Wire…

Happy 2017! Here’s hoping everyone had a chance to unplug and relax with family and friends over the holiday break. Here’s a quick roundup of news and interesting stories that happened over the break. Camden Student Marches into Ivy League...
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A Denver Teacher’s Call for ‘More Urgent Path Forward’ on Improving Schools

The Denver Board of Education last month voted to phase out or close three elementary schools for poor performance and declining enrollment. In the wake of that tough decision, Denver teacher Kathleen Anderson wrote this piece about the importance of...
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Coffee Break: Santa on Reading Beyond Kids’ Wish Lists

Going way back to the days that all of us were kids, one man has been the star of our winter breaks. And he still is that for kids everywhere today. The prospect of Santa coming on Christmas Eve and...
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Coffee Break: Priscilla Agbeo on Loving Her ‘Blackness’ From Chicago to Stanford

By Katelyn Silva Priscilla Agbeo is a junior at Stanford University, where she is focused on African and African American studies. She is also a woman of color—an African immigrant from the South Side of Chicago with a low-income background....
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Coffee Break: NCTQ’s Kate Walsh on How the ‘Tide is Turning’ on Teacher Quality

By Peter Cunningham Since 2003, Kate Walsh has been working hard to improve the teaching force in our schools—an undisputed key to better academic performance. She’s served as the president of the National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ) during that time,...
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Coffee Break: Lori Barden on What Works Best for Schools and Why More Parents Should Run for Office

By Katelyn Silva Lori Barden is a parent of two school-aged boys, Tanner (7) and Will (12), who attend an intentionally diverse public charter school in Rhode Island. She just completed a run to become District 59 State Representative in...
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