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A Can’t-Miss Episode of “As the Charters Turn”

How many episodes of “As the Charters Turn” have you seen on the TV news. I’ve lost track. It’s a required part of doing comms for a charter-friendly school district. But they get to be hard to take…kind of the...
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On the Wire…Trump’s Ed Pick, New DC Chancellor, ESSA Help for Districts

Trump’s Ed Pick Elevates a Troubling School-Choice Model Betsy DeVos was officially announced last week as the nominee for US Secretary of Education in the upcoming Trump Administration. She makes perfect sense from a policy and politics standpoint: strong proponent...
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The Comms’ Challenge of Charters Twisting in the Wind on Their Own

I’ve been having a hard time making sense of the thumping that charter schools suffered in Massachusetts on election day. Generally speaking, charters have strong support among families. Specifically speaking, Bay State charters are producing among the best results for...
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The Power of Student Voice and Trusting the Messenger

  By Brendan Lowe This year, our back-to-school communications plan survived for four days. Indeed, our talk of increased transportation access and new supports to allow schools to focus more on instruction didn’t even make it through a week. Before...
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Coffee Break: Phyllis Lockett on What’s Going to Change the Game for Every Student Across America

When school reform first came to Chicago in the mid-1990s, with Mayor Richard M. Daley taking control of the city’s public schools, it hinged on an ambitious plan to open dozens of new schools throughout the city. One of the...
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On the Wire….Election Fallout Edition

It’s been a really rough last couple of weeks in city schools, following the election of Donald Trump. But as they usually do, students are showing how strong and thoughtful they are. Like these students in New York City, and...
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The Danger of Too Much “Here’s Why He’s Bad” and Too Little “Here’s How I’ll Help You”

It goes without saying that I’m surprised and upset by the outcome of this election. My surprise quickly turned into sadness, anger, and hopelessness, which was hard to swallow, because the night before I was hopeful. I even wrote about it. I took...
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Helping Show the Full Picture of Our Cities’ Schools

I felt like I was being yanked from one of the best jobs in the Chicago Public Schools and being shunted off to one of the worst. It was 2001, and Mayor Richard M. Daley had recently named Arne Duncan...
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