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Rescued from the Cruelest Cub Agony by a Most Unlikely Hero

Even though I had braced myself against it (as I’m sure most longtime Cub fans had), my knees still buckled when the Rajai Davis rocket cleared the left-field wall and erased the lead in the eighth inning of Game 7...
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On the Wire…

Election Wire Two high-profile ballot initiatives that involve charter-school expansions were defeated last night. But choice-friendly Board of Education candidates in Oakland, Indianapolis, and New Orleans fared well. Charter Cap Still Firmly in Place in Massachusetts Massachusetts voters soundly rejected...
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Coffee Break: Kunjan Narechania on the Change That Has Made the Biggest Difference For NOLA Kids

Kunjan Narechania is chief operating officer at the Louisiana Department of Education, where she leads the internal operations at the Recovery School District in New Orleans and the state’s school-choice office. She started her career as a teacher in Durham,...
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Coffee Break with Oakland Supt. Antwan Wilson

On July 1, 2014, Antwan Wilson became the superintendent of Oakland Unified School District—a district that was in state receivership from 2003-2010 and has been plagued, like so many urban districts, by leadership churn. He brought with him a stellar track...
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The opt-out cop-out is petering out

The first batch of Colorado results from last spring’s state standardized testing are back, and they’re encouraging—both from a participation and achievement standpoint. Since the state switched to the Common Core-aligned PARCC assessments two years ago, there’s been a push...
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Coffee Break with Principal Sharif El-Mekki

Sharif El-Mekki didn’t come to a career in education right away, but the families in his boyhood Philadelphia neighborhood sure are glad he found his way there. As the principal of a Mastery charter school serving the West Philadelphia neighborhood...
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A Coffee Break with Mapleton’s Charlotte Cianicio

Originally published at On the northern edge of Denver sits a cutting-edge school district that has made remarkable progress over the past decade in serving primarily low-income families. Charlotte Ciancio has been the superintendent of Mapleton Public Schools since 2001, and she’s...
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5 reasons to pay attention to an actual education-focused election this November

For those of us who thought that the political conventions might bring to the presidential campaign a modicum of calm, rational discourse about the policies our country, particularly its schools, needs to move forward, it’s been disappointing to instead get…a...
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